Pistachio nuts roasted and salted 50g;150g 2780kj/655kcal/100g
Roasted and salted peanuts 100g,70g . 2506kj/598kcal/100g
Roasted hazelnuts 100g 2786kj/658kcal/100g
Roasted, salted almonds 100g  2795kj/667kcal/100g
Cashew roasted,salted 100g 2485kj/594kcal/100g
Peanuts roasted piquant 100g;70g 2326kj/555kcal/100g
Walnuts 70g;150g 2741kj/655kcal/100g
Hazelnuts 85g 2786kj/658kcal/100g
Sweet almonds 50g 2430kj/580kcal/100g
Peanuts roasted in shell 150g 2501kj/597kcal/100g
Nuts mix 100g 2601kj/620kcal/100g
Nuts and rasins mix 100g  1994kj/476kcal/100g